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New businesses will find that the North Kansas City community provides highly responsive services with relatively low taxes and fees. In addition, based on our “class 3” fire insurance classification, businesses receive insurance rates which are among the lowest in the nation. In order to maintain these desirable attributes, good rapport with local business managers is essential. Business managers with operations in North Kansas City are responsible for insuring proper licenses and permits have been obtained prior to conducting business and/or making significant modifications to their facilities.

Please review our Business Resource Guide. It is intended to guide you through the necessary steps to start a business in North Kansas City. It includes step-by-step instructions and helpful tips and resources.

This page is also available as a printable PDF document here.

Listed below are specific categories of requirements and contacts for applications or questions. Usually, a business can resolve questions and/or submit necessary applications within one short visit to City Hall located at 2010 Howell Street. New businesses are also encouraged to visit the city’s Community Development Department located in City Hall, 816-274-6006, to see if they may qualify for federal, state or local incentive programs.

Certificate of Occupancy (CO):

The CO helps businesses protect personnel/belongings by seeing that properties will accommodate use type, occupant load and product type.Consideration of appropriate safety/planning issues are determined by standards in national building/fire codes and local zoning ordinances. ACO permit is required for all new building occupants when there is a change in the type of use or after significant modifications have been made to a structure, including exits, demising wall, etc. In most instances, new occupants or potential occupants can find out very early on if the project they are planning will be a permissible use, needs any physical improvements or requires an issuance of a new CO. They can simply call the Codes Enforcement Division of the Fire Department 816-274-6006. The cost of a new CO is a onetime flat fee of $40.00.

State Requirements:

RSMO Section 351.120 states: Every business “organized pursuant to the laws of this state, including corporations”…“and every foreign corporation licensed to do business in this state,” “other than corporations exempted from taxation by the laws of this state, shall file a corporate registration report.” A new business packet with detailed information can be obtained from the State of Missouri New Business Assistance Center. (800) 523-1434 Business License: With very few exceptions, businesses conducting operations within the city are required to have an annual business license. The fees can be based upon business type and business volume. The City Collector issues these licenses. 816-274-6000

County Requirements:

Businesses will be subject to business personal property or real property taxes owned in Clay County. Call the County Assessor’s office at 816-407-3460 for assessment lists or with specific questions.

Building/Construction Permit:

All significant building alterations including the demolition of structures will require the issuance of a building permit. In most instances, building permits will require submission of three sets of plans stamped by a Missouri certified architect or engineer. A list of contractors who will perform work and their contact information may also be necessary.

Sign Permit:

Regulations are in place for specific sign districts. Before erecting any sign or placing one upon a building, the Codes Enforcement Division should be contacted. Since there are certain size limitations, etc., itis highly recommended that the Code Enforcement Division be consulted well in advance of the actual construction or printing of signs. 

Alarm Permit:

Businesses that have a security or fire alarm that automatically dispatches city emergency response services should obtain the required alarm permit.

Disclaimer: All information is subject to change without notice. This information should not be considered as legal or accounting advice. While the most common requirements are listed above, there may be additional requirements by local, state or federal authorities not described within. (Restaurants and Businesses with liquor sales will require additional permits not covered above.

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Phone 816-274-6000

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