Economic Development

Economic Development encourages new businesses and supports existing businesses and their employees, and works to attract new companies to strengthen, expand and diversify the local economy.

Whether you're a small business or a large industry, we understand the importance of each individual company to our continued economic growth and vitality and want to help you locate and grow your business in North Kansas City.

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Economic Development Resources for North Kansas City

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program
PACE is a program that provides a funding mechanism for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements for existing commercial (including industrial) properties.  In 2010, Missouri authorized the establishment of PACE districts that, as separate political subdivisions, have the authority to issue bonds to finance energy efficient or renewable energy improvements.

Unlike conventional lending programs, the debt is repaid by the business as a special assessment on the real estate tax bill.  The ability of the PACE board to aggregate multiple projects into larger debt issuances, and the certainty of repayment associated with the payment of property taxes encourage lower financing rates than conventional loans.

In August of 2013, North Kansas City joined the Missouri Clean Energy District (MCED) therefore authorizing the use of PACE financing for NKC businesses.  NKC businesses apply directly to the MCED without the City needing to be involved in the process.

For additional information about eligible energy improvements, repayment terms, etc., we would encourage you to click on the link to the MCED website, www.mced.mo.gov/pace.

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